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How it works

Finding a workspace

Are you looking for a space to work from? An office, meeting room, or a lecture room to give a class? Spacebee will help you find that space you need for a few hours, days, weeks or months...this is how:
  1. Carry out a search with the criteria that suit your needs: location, type of space, price... e
  2. Select the space that suits your needs from the list and view the full description of the venue.
  3. Carry out a booking by advancing a partial payment for the reservation via our online payment system.
  4. Contact with the Host of the space to resolve any issues or doubts.
  5. Show up at check-in time and start to make use of your new workspace.
  6. At the end of your stay rate the space! This will help other fellow Guests when choosing a space. If you have any doubts please contact us at 900 373 917, write to, or contact us via our website chat or through our pages on social networks …

Posting a space

Do you have a workspace that you are not using, even for part of the time? A free office, workpost, meeting room? Spacebee allows you to exploit the space to its full potential...this is how:

  1. Post your space, providing a detailed description of its characteristics, equipment, ammenities, size, availability. Don't forget to include the rate per hour, day, week or month and add the best quality photos you have. The better the ad -and especially the photos-, the better chance you will have of catching a Guest's interest!
  2. Respond to enquiries or bookings from Guests as soon as possible. Spacebee provides you with a neat set of integrated tools (calendar, messaging system, alerts...) so that you can easily manage your workspaces and interact with your Guests.
  3. Look after your Guest; later your Guest will rate his stay at your space so ultimately its important to your track record that he/she has the best possible experience.
  4. If you have any doubts, or need help don't hesitate to contact us: either by phone at 900 373 917, write to us at, through the website chat, or via our pages on social networks …