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About Us

Spacebee is an iniciative driven by a team of professionals with backgrounds and experience in the Sharing Economy. Essentially we realised that companies, including our own, have a need for flexible workspace, both for those who have unused spaces as well as those who are looking for a flexible use of them.

And that's how Spacebee was born.

Diego Hidalgo Demeusois, cofounder.

Founder of Amovens, the first major Spanish ridesharing website, Diego believes that the sharing economy will still open many new doors. He has served on the board of a number of socially inspired companies, including Job Accomodation or GoMore, as well as NGOs such as United Way Spain. He studied philosophy, economics and politics, and holds a masters degree in sociology from Cambridge University. more recently, Diego has published Anestesiados. La humanidad bajo el imperio de la tecnologíaAnestesiados. La humanidad bajo el imperio de la tecnología, a book that raises the question of the impact of new technologies on human freedom and happiness, also published in France.

More info on Diego Hidalgo Demeusois's personal page.

Check some of his publications:

Pablo Carrión, cofounder.

As an Aerospace Engineer, Pablo has a strong international experience working for a decade in the European Union. Evolved into a passionate entrepeneur, he has participated and supported a wide range of startups, from Food & Beverage to the financial sectors. Pablo also enjoys cooking with friends and family and getting away to the Mediterranean whenever he gets a chance.

Mamen Sánchez, Client support.