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Madrid - La Sombra Producciones/
Estudios de radio


Open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 h

Open space with more than 25 metres

Capacity for 6 persons

200 €/hour

1100 €/day

Price for the entire space


-4 estudios de radio completamente equipados con la última tecnología AEQ. -Posibilidad de hasta 7 micrófonos simultáneos y 2 líneas telefónicas. -Alquiler con y sin técnico. -Posibilidad de streamingde video.

Ammenities of this space


Common ammenities

Air conditioning
Cable internet

Ask the host

Please indicate the chosen dates and time in order to receive a precise offer from the host.

If you would like to visit the space beforehand, and the space does not meet your expectations, Spacebee will refund the total amount of the booking reservation.

Reference: #01511